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Graben 28/1/3/21
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a new level of bonding



We feel privileged having joined forces with KIMÆRA MOTORS.
First time we met back in 2018, Mr. Andreas Kisling, Founder and CEO of KIMÆRA MOTORS told me about his amazing restromod project.
Turning an oldtimer Porsche 911 into a 21 st century car with an oldtimer chassy. Both companies share the spirit of being pioneers.
Soon we found out that we would like to create a new level of car and watch relationship.
We started brainstorming, fearlessly and without limitations. Ready to leave the matrix of an average solution. The result was a new level of bonding.
The driver’s watch as a soulmate in the dashboard of the car. You are feeling as one. Running on the same beat of time.






Aljosa with TS-900 display

TUSHEK Supercars

3Rs, a Racing car, made by a Racer for Racers

It had been an amazing “ride”.
Last year we got to know with Mr. Tushek.
A former racer and visionary.

Soon we found many synergies and we started to
work on a special TS-900 and Tushek founder’s edition watch project.

This hypercar reflecting pioneer technology is the lightest car
of its kind. So carbon fiber became our basic material to create
the time pieces of.  We brought in many details and sportive
elegance with some black diamonds,as bright as Mr. Tushek’s visionary ideas.

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