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1010 Vienna
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We understand that discretion is important to our clients so we decided to do private viewings only.


Mag. Alexander Galambos
Graben 28/1/3/21
1010 Wien

Jurisdiction: Vienna
Watches, Jewelry




“Taking a moment to wind my watch
means giving myself twenty seconds of
the day to create a sense of purpose as
to how I’m going to use my time-
to ask myself, am I going
to live today with intention?”
Hamilton Powell


My market research took me almost 2 years.
I looked into different areas of life
and the significance of individualism
and being unique.
Just put yourself into my shoes,
taking the decision to start a new business
in a market place
that is dominated by companies that are around
for more than hundred years.
Spending hundreds of millions
into marketing and brand awareness.

I found out
that it is this authentic momentum
we generate together with you
that can challenge those “giants”.

So our Serial N°1 clients definitely enjoy brand watches,
but they feel the gap,
something missing,
something being incomplete.
It is their very private contribution.
Their mark that makes it
feel right and complete.
This is the next level
as we call it.



Welcome to a new level of freedom
in manifesting your design ideas

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